• Bruce Johansson Presents
  • The Sturdybac Multi-chair
  • It fits in a bucket
  • It's simple to use
  • Two pieces
  • Insert back into seat
  • Set it on a bucket
  • Set it on the ground
  • Take it to the beach
  • Use it in the sand
  • Kick back and relax
  • Take a nap
  • Take it fishing
  • Take it camping
  • Take it on a hike in the woods
  • Take it on vacation
  • Thanks for watching
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Welcome to My Website!
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Bruce Johansson, and I present to you my invention, the Award-Winning 4B Sturdybac Bucket Multi-Chair. The 4B Sturdybac Bucket Multi-Chair is designed to be used alone or with a 5 gallon bucket, creating a sturdy multi-purpose utility chair. You can take it anywhere! It fits in a bucket, or you can use it alone and simply sling it over your shoulder to carry. It is the perfectly portable, take-anywhere chair. The Sturdybac comes in three sizes, decorated or undecorated, in 100% solid wood made in the USA. So may I say...."Relax, It's a Sturdybac"

2012 Award Winner!



The 4B Sturdybac goes worksite to campsite. Use it for fishing, hunting, guitar pickin', gardening, biking, as a bleacher seat, for tailgaiting, boating and so much more!