4B Sturdybac by Bruce Johansson

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The "Simply Ingenious"4B Sturdybac bucket multi-chair has evolved through years of field-testing and design. In the beginning, I wanted a worksite chair designed to be used with a 5 gallon bucket. Why design the Sturdybac for a five gallon bucket? The five gallon bucket is everywhere. They are cheap, strong and useful, but need to be recycled rather than thrown out. The Sturdybac is my offering to make recycling easy and fun. Future Sturdybacs will also be made out of recycled buckets. What makes the 4B Sturdybac "Simply Ingenious"? The design: EcoConstruction Rejuvenation Relaxation Principle. When a person can take pressure off of their spine when sitting, it contributes to health-promoting and health-repairing relaxation. When a person is relaxed they can think more clearly. More clarity leads to better use of intellect, which can lead to the infinite possibilities of invention. Invention is the essential purpose of life, especially for constructive pursuits. Positive outdoor time also increases with the rejuvenation relaxation principle.


Dynamic Tension Principle (DTP)
creates an increasingly strong connection between seat and backrest. The opposing back pressure and seat pressure uses the body to actually make the connecting joint stronger. That is basically the opposite of what the flimsy nylon camp chairs do, they become weaker as pressure is added. The 4B SturdyCollar, the solid plywood collar, adds the strength and height needed to allow the Sturdybac to be used without the bucket, essentially using the earth and almost any hard surface as the base for the Sturdybac. Set the Sturdybac on rocks, curbs, stumps, tailgates, sand beach, hillside, flat ground. The natural wood acts as a insulator which makes it ideal to be used in cold, snowy, or wet weather. The solid wood construction makes each Sturdybac not only unique and beautiful, but exremely strong and durable as well. Hand sculpted edges provide comfort and distinctive good looks. The backrest angle can be adjusted by simply raising or lowering the backrest within the collar. For a more vertical position insert a stick or a small stone.


Sturdy String Sling
The Sturdy String Sling allows the two pieces to be nested and bundled for compact transport. The string can be easily adjusted to allow the Sturdybac to be slung over your shoulder for hands-free transportability, like a saddlebag. The underside front peg is specifically designed to eliminate manufacturing waste, allow nesting, and when the Sturdybac is placed on a 5 gallon bucket, the peg stops any forward slippage. The peg is attached with adhesive and a strong lag screw. The Sturdybac back slot keeps the chair from sliding backwards and also acts as the base when the Sturdybac is placed on the ground. The Sturdybac collar is attached to the seat with heavy duty construction adhesive and 5 screws for incredible strength. For those over 275 pounds, the extra thick Amish wood model is recommended. For nature photographers and hunters in situations where silence is critical, the Sturdybac is a perfect choice. With no mechanical parts to rust or make noise, and no nylon which makes noise when you move, the Sturdybac is silent. When hiking using a standard size daypack, the standard size Sturdybac fits perfectly into the pack and actually increases the comfort of the pack.
Why artwork, colors and burn bursting? For beauty - why not? When you have a beautiful handmade natural product which is also very practical it is something special. The more use it gets the better it looks. Hang a Sturdybac on a hook and it just looks great! The burn burst technique creates a natural camouflage effect. All this and more makes the 4B Sturdybac Bucket Multi Chair by Bruce Johansson......simply igenious.